What are people saying about MZ. PAKMAN???!!!

"The best thing since The Cramps!" - Jayne County

"They make me want to masturbate." -Punk Magazine

"Trashy Spectacle"

-New Yorker

The Pussy Benefit show got a great write-up in NY Press!

"Pussy Benefit Party
A jaw-droppingly awesome night of punk, with daring girl-garage band Mz. Pakman and the fabulous Psychos, featuring Tourette’s Syndrome screamer Johnny Murder on vocals. DJ Ill Mess Syndrome’ll play the tunes as you buy one of P5!’s new bubblegum-flavored cupcakes or a back issue of her zine, Pussy. Four other bands are playing, including the Hawaiian-themed Fisherman. Otto’s Shrunken Head, 538 E. 14th St. (betw. Aves. A & B), 212-228-2240, $5, 8.


MZ. PAKMAN - This Brooklyn based sleazoid trash quartet feature four of the most insanely beautiful and talented women you'll ever meet. Musically, they're a cross between the Cramps, the B52's, the Shaggs and biker soundtrack music and all in a good way! For a good time, check out http://mzpakman.tripod.com. Also, check out drummer P5!'s (pronounced,pea-five) - Pussy Magazine!


I just downloaded your latest punk rock classic, and now I can't get that damned song out of my head!
That's a good thing, though. I love a good hook, and that song's got one... It also looks like you got some new photos up.
You wear the cutest outfits! I wish I was able to see you guys perform. Perhaps one day...

-cartoonist Peter Bagge on our latest mp3, "A+ in Evil!"

mz pakman - oh shit, it's mz. pakman! the title for this cd is very appropriate. oh shit. this album is rocks. taking influences from bands like the Cramps and Heavens to Betsy, they pump out short, fast songs full of energy and that little something that really makes or breaks a cd. it's a super lo-fi recording driven by guitar and followed up by simplistic drums and mischievous vocals. Jenny, the lead singer, is sly and sassy and has a whole gang of girls to back her up when it's chorus time. you can take your pick from "Maneaters," a song from the movie, She Devil on Wheels, or the demanding pop song "Gimme Something Good" or the theme song (and might i mention that i love bands with theme songs?), "Mz. Pakman," where they tell you their punk rock politics. for more info, go to http://mzpakman.tripod.com



CARBON 14 issue # 21

MZ. PAKMAN- Oh Shit It's Mz. Pakman! (Skankville Records)

"Oh Shit!" is an understatement! More like "Holy fuckin' hell, this rawks!" I mean, what can I say, Mz. Pakman is like a smorgasbord of what I dig: hot rockin' girls, B-movies, underground comix, trash culture, video games. (I'll take on all challengers to beat my high score on Ms. Pacman on my still functioning Atari 7800!) and remedial rock n' roll. You won't hear any frilly Lilith Fair acoustic ditties or any faux riot grrrl noisey nonsense from these four go-go garage girls. What you will hear is an album's worth of relentless, raucous raunch rawk influenced by The Ramones, The Raunchettes, Butthole Surfers, and The Cramps. Songs like "Rock n' Roll Rat", "New Boy", "XxXy", and "Gimme Something Good" are minimalistic masterpieces of high energy, sultry sleaze, recorded in a room with the acoustics of a garbage can. Or take a song like "Psycho Kitty" , where it sounds like the singer is gonna hack up a furball while delivering her snotty feline vocals. And then there's the surly surf stomp of 'Skankville". And even though I took three years of Spanish in high school I can't figure out what the hell these girls are screaming about on the sung-in-Spanish, "Oh! No!" They even cover "Man-eaters" from the Herschell Gordon Lewis drive-in B-movie biker flick She Devils On Wheels! This record is everything that is RIGHT about rock n' roll: it's fun, loud, crude, and spilling over with attitude.

-Peter Santa Maria

The Wylde Side of Williamsburg

by Karol Khaos (as printed in The New York Waste Vol. 6 Issue 2)

Following a lovely evening of dinner and cocktails with some of The New York Waste staff, the gang and I decided to check out the Mz. Pakman gig at The Ship's Mast. The Ship's Mast is located just below the Williamsburg Bridge overlooking the beautiful East River. The first thing we see upon entry to this cozy little cove are two lifesized mermaid figures mounted on either side of the circular bar. Further inside we notice an area called "the cave" which sort of resembles a funky mock aquarium. I was anticipating the performance of my favorite local band MZ. PAKMAN!!! Consisting of four delightful young ladies, along with Jenny (lead vocals), LisSsa (guitar), Abby (bass), and P5! (skins). These gals play fuckin' rock like it's meant to be played! Fun, colorful, sing-along tunes about rock n' roll rats, psycho kitties, and barnyard animals just to name a few. One of my personal faves has got to be the D.F. song which is best described as the dork feeling one gets when they see someone play air guitar. Each member of MZ. PAKMAN has their own unique sense of style and individuality. Outside of punk rock, these chicks manage to stay creative and busy doing a number of side projects such as comic book illustration (Jenny and Abby), stop animation/doll porn/photogrpahy (LisSsa), and fanzine's (P5!). Seeing this band live is always a treat and never a disappointment so please keep a lookout for this fun-loving band!

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