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Jenny Devil Doll!

Real name- Jenny Gonzalez
Instruments Played- Vocals and writes most of the lyrics
Other Current Projects- Too Negative Comics, Teen Dreem Crowley (W/ LisSsa) and Witch Baby Devil Doll . T-shirt designs for Anna Sui.
Hobbies- Practicing martial arts and writing dirty parody versions of popular T.V. shows.
Favorite Movies- Natural Born Killers, Forbidden Zone and Desperate Living, Nightmare Before Xmas,Faster Pussycat Kill Kill! any stupid, schlocky horror flix!
Favorite Bands- Depeche Mode and the Lunachicks, Lydia Lunch, The Damned, My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult, Foetus, bis, The Slits, The Doors, The Cramps, Siouxsie & the Banshees, etc.
Biggest Influences- All the Voices in my head.
Favorite Drink- Black Russians
Motto in Life- "What the fuck do I need a motto in life for?"



Real name- Lisa Darrow-Badawi
Instruments Played- Guitar
Other instruments played-Drums and Bass (also writes lyrics for the band)
Other bands been in- Devil, Rock Rock Chicken Pox,The Auditors, Banjo Pete and Lisssa (featuring Camacca Joe) and Redemption Army.
Side Projects-Filmed/Stop Animated/Played Dr. Magnezia in Abby's movie, Gastro Glamour. (Click here see flyer for debut showing of Gastro Glamour). Filmed/Acted in Patrick Hambrechts Movie, Santa the Deliverer. Co-Filmed Flaming Fire Video for Sun Is A Snake. DJs at
Otto's Shrunken Head the 1st friday of every month.
Hobbies- playing guitar or other insturments, drawing, painting, writing, making and reading comics, making collages, working on my zine, shopping, video taping weird cool or stupid stuff, collecting weird cool or stupid stuff, seeing friends bands, hanging out and partying with friends.
Favorite Movies- Woody Allens,"Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask", Eating Raoul, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Bedazzled and Heavy Metal Parking Lot!
Favorite Bands- Killing Joke, The Cramps, Old Butthole Surfers,The Velvet Underground,Black Sabbath,Fellini's Basement, lots of old punk, AC/DC, Devo, OLD B-52's,old industrial stuff, Bauhaus/Tones on Tail/Love and Rockets, NY dolls, Bowie, Led Zep and other Classic Rock, War, Chrome, Gary Numan, Wire, The Damned, Sisters of Mercy, Sonic Youth, and German Drinking music..( Stop me! I could go on and on!)
Biggest Influences- Certain Friends of mine and the bands above.
Favorite Drink- (Alcoholic)-Beer! (Non Alcoholic)-Anything but milk.
Motto in life- You can't turn a ho into a housewife.

(photo by Tim Kelly)



Real Name- Abby Denson
Instruments Played- Bass and vocals
Other instruments played- Guitar and Drums, also writes lyrics for the band. Plays lead guitar in her other band with Rodney Greenblat., LET'S AUDIO!
Other Bands Been in- The Girlymen, The 2nd Day, The Liberteens, Let's Audio!
Other Projects- Filmed/Stop Animated/Wrote/Acted in Gastro Glamour with LisSsa. Deadsy Cat and Dolltopia comics. Working on scripts for the POWERPUFF GIRLS COMICS from DC and SIMPSONS COMICS from Bongo. T-shirt designs for Anna Sui.
Check out Abby's Website at: http://www.abbycomix.com
Hobbies- Drawing comics, playing in the band, Kung Fu, reading, reading Japanese comics, going to the library, watching bad movies, listening to WFMU.
Favorite Movies- Evil Dead 2, Rock and Roll High School, Blade Runner, John Waters movies, Better off Dead, Wild Zero.
Favorite Bands- Blondie, Ramones, Joan Jett, NY Dolls, Devo, The Stooges, Beck, The Pixies, The Misfits, Mudhoney, The Cramps, The Donna's, Jayne County and David Bowie!
Biggest Influences- My Mom and my friend Mr.Tim
Favorite Drink- Diet Coke and V8
Motto in Life- Be creative, try to make the best of things and enjoy life.


Real Name- Justina
Instruments played in band- Drums
Other Bands been in- Small Potatoes, The Chasers, The Cherry Reds, currently in The Yams.
Current Projects- Recording with The Yams, practicing with MzPakman, photographing my
favorite bands www.whatawaytodie.com
Hobbies- drumming, photography
Favorite Movies- Girl Can't Help It, Easy Rider, Life of Brian, Blazing Saddles, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T
Favorite Bands-Bo Diddley, Hank Williams, The Spittoons, Small Potatoes, The Heartbreakers, Aerosmith, Lone Wolves, Deadbolt, Sea Monkeys, Slits, The Sweet, Joe Tex, Little Killers, Some Action, Suzi Quatro, NY Dolls, Insomniacs, the Buddah Records bubblegum bands, many many many more! Oh, and MzPakman!
Biggest Influences- WFMU, Paula Spiro (Female Drummers Workshop)
Favorite Drink-iced coconut coffee with lots of sugar and vanilla soy milk
Motto in life- "Don't skip dessert!"

(photo by Jim C.)


P5! (Our former drummer, now in Hawaii!)

Real Name- Pelin
Instruments played in band- Drums (also writes lyrics for the band)
Other Bands been in- Fellini's Basement, Caveman 2000
Current Projects- Doing P5's PUSSY Magazine!!!, making silly collage art on wood plaques.
Hobbies- Painting,doing my zine, dancing,playing drums, partying
Favorite Movies- Riot on Sunset Strip, HEAD (w/ the Monkees), Acid Eaters and other movies by Herschell Gordon Lewis.
Favorite Bands- James Brown, The Seeds, Chrome, Mz. PAKMAN and my other band, "Fellini's Basement".
Biggest Influences- My friends, Andy Warhol and Betty Page.
Favorite Drink- Pina Colada's or any drink with an unbrella in it. As far as soft drinks go; Root Beer!!!
Motto in life- "You should do what you want today, cuz you could get hit by a bus tomorrow."